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Showroom Transport - Nationwide Boat Shipping

We specialize in shipping a boat that is on a trailer already. We hook up to it with one of our trucks and tow it where it needs to go.


We advise that the trailer be in shape to take the tow where ever that may be. Of course things may happen in transport. Our drivers are very mechanical and can almost fix any problem that may occur with your trailer.

Showroom Transport has been in the boat shipping business for almost 20 years. We know the safest way to move a boat that is on a trailer is to just tow it.

Although that we believe in towing a boat on trailer we do have trucks designed to haul a boat that is on a trailer. Normally, the cost is much more than just hooking up to your trailer unless its a boat under 14 feet long.

If you are considering spending money to have the boat shrink wrapped for transport, we advise you to make sure its a very professional wrapping company. Most of the time the shrink wrap just comes off in the wind and causes more damage to your boat than not.

Keeping your canvas cover on your boat will probably just rip up from the wind and slap against your boat causing scuff marks on it.

We are licensed, insured, bonded and are regisistered with the federal government.

Showroom Transport

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